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Cultural School in Rimbo

Great acoustics for the cultural school in Rimbo, Sweden

Customer need

As the authorities in Norrtälje municipality had to close down the local Cultural School, new temporary premise needed to be established in order to continue the school activities. Temporary Space was asked to deliver a temporary solution that would fit the needs of the school children and the staff, as well as meet all the specific music school requirements with an affordable cost.


Temporary Space’s solution consisted of 16 temporary space modules in two stories and with internal staircases. The total area was 460m2 and the rooms included four classrooms, an orchestra hall, a choir and string instrument hall, a staff room and a storage room.


The school management and the users are very satisfied with the Temporary Space solution. Especially because Temporary Space understood their specific requirements for the extra space with a well-structured floor plan and great acoustics.