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Environmentally friendly temporary office facilities for Sandvik

”THIS TURNED OUT TO BE AN EXCELLENT OFFICE FOR OUR NEEDS” Stefan Sohlström, Contract Coordinator, Sandvik FM Lokalplanering


In order to offer high-class temporary office space for its employees, Sandvik AB turned to Temporary Space for a proposal to provide space for 60 people. The requirements included modern office space that would be technically according to the latest standards and provide convenient facilities to work.

The target was to get a temporary space solution that was energy-efficient and had all the latest systems to regulate heating, cooling, and ventilation. Very important target was to make sure that the selected solution meets the high safety standards that Sandvik has set for themselves.


Temporary space solution projects are often completed under time pressures and this was the case with Sandvik as well. The assembly of the temporary space solution was to take place just before a holiday period.


Temporary Space designed and installed 54 temporary office modules. The modules are of the most modern kind with all the latest technical features and proven systems to regulate electricity, heating, water and ventilation. The temporary modules are spacious and feature lots of glass walls, which make the offices bright and comfortable to work.

Success Factors

The main reason why Temporary Space won this contract was that Temporary Space had really good communication with the customer and was listening to their needs and wishes and provided a solution that met with all of those. Temporary Space promised to deliver what the customer wanted and managed to do so as well.

”Having good communication with the customer and listening to their specific needs and requirements is a key thing in Temporary Space business. We are happy of the positive feedback and look forward to new projects with Sandvik”, says Magnus Kjellin, Temporary Space’s Business Development Manager.

Customer benefits

Sandvik has achieved the benefits it was looking for:

  • Modular solution is flexible and can be adapted to customer’s specific needs.
  • The Temporary Space solution is both safe and convenient to use.
  • Temporary Space’s solution is energy efficient to use and cost-efficient to mount.