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Temporary facilities for Danderyd hospital

”This solution is so good that very few of us would like to move back to the old location” Katarina Ahlner, Chief of Administration, Danderyd Hospital


Danderyd hospital, one of the largest hospitals in Sweden, needed to renovate and modernize its facilities. The renovation was planned to take three years and for this period, Danderyd hospital needed temporary facilities for offices as well as examination rooms and other hospital premises. Temporary Space won the public tender and was selected to provide the solution.


Compared to ordinary temporary facility projects, hospital projects require more detailed documentation and safety standards because of the nature of the hospital activity. The renovation period was planned to be three years and this long time frame created an additional requirement for the project, the temporary facilities had to be built almost as if they were permanent. The existing hospital premises needed to be evacuated in just seven weeks which created an extra challenge for Temporary Space as the modules had to be installed in a tight time frame to guarantee smooth transition and
uninterrupted operations.


Temporary Space provided a two-storey building set-up and a solution that included 70 temporary space modules providing altogether 2000 square metres space. The modules were equipped with the latest generation of insulation material and an advanced energy system which makes the building highly energy efficient. Thicker walls together with the sound insulation ensures privacy between the rooms. The modules were also equipped with ventilations, integrated comfort coolers, presence controlled lighting and non-flammable facade. The customization of the modules included for example elevators and lamella marquises.