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User-friendly and eco-efficient expanded pre-school for the children

“Now that the pre-school has been in use for some time, both the children and their teachers are really pleased with the result” Per-Erik Karlsson, Property Manager, Bollnäs municipality

Public authorities have on-going needs for temporary facilities, such as schools and kindergartens. The Hamregård pre-school in Bollnäs Municipality had the need to expand its facilities to have room for additional 50 children and needed them to be urgently available and readily usable including all furniture.

The public procurement has to follow certain mandatory procedures and the qualified suppliers have to meet the required criteria. In this case Bollnäs Municipality put out a tender and reviewed five different suppliers and alternative solutions.

The temporary school facilities had to be ready to welcome the children in just six weeks and the new facility should fit into the limited available space. And this including Christmas and New Year holiday period.

Bollnäs Municipality reviewed altogether five tenders before they decided to sign a three-year agreement with Temporary Space and to implement Temporary Space solutions.

Temporary Space designed, furnished, equipped and installed 12 temporary space modules and completed the whole project in less than 30 days. The new modules are connected to the existing school building and altogether provide 300 m2 extra space for 50 children and their six teachers. The modules are customised especially for small children and include such details as lower window ledges, smaller toilets, adjustable nursery tables and glass walls inside to accommodate their needs.

Success Factors
Bollnäs Municipality was very pleased with how Temporary Space completed the project and fulfilled its commitments despite the very tight schedule. The reason for selecting Temporary Space was also their ability to meet and go beyond all the basic safety and eco-efficiency requirements. In addition, Temporary Space managed to assemble the modules into the limited space that was available.

”Customer was surprised of the high standard and so pleased with the results that they ordered 2 new modules with the same specifications. ”, says Magnus Kjellin, Temporary Space’s Business Development Manager.