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Flexible housing

There are occasions when standard solutions are simply not enough. Our housing modules provide you with accommodations when location, time or budgets are critical.

When to consider module housing:
  • When you need high-capacity living quarters and many beds
  • When your location is far from hotels or other accommodations
  • When you need accommodations near your project
  • When you need a cost-effective solution in urban environments
Quality structures on demand

As long as the ground is smooth and hard, and it is possible to connect electricity, water and sewage, we can erect our modules for you almost anywhere. Accommodations can be quickly and smoothly arranged for ten people, or up to several hundred. Each room is equipped with a shower and toilet, desk, bed, armchair and wardrobe. Additional furnishings are available as options.

Your safety is very important

Safety equipment is an integral part of our standard equipment and consists of evacuation alarms, separate locks for each room and evacuation stairways.

More than just rooms

Our housing modules are excellent for establishing rooms for 10 people, or up to several hundred. Every room comes standard with a shower, toilet, desk, bed, armchair and wardrobe.

In addition to the rooms, we offer a flexible range of additional environments. We will, of course, tailor the solution to your wishes and number of guests.

  • Dining room, serving and cooking areas
  • Laundry
  • Reception
  • Security services
  • Gym & sauna
  • TV room

You can easily supplement your premises with options to further increase comfort.

Housing Module

We adapt the layout based on your needs and deliver a turnkey solution.

Our modules are built according to the latest standard when it comes to energy and technology. The focus is on health and safety and our offshore housing modules are equipped to meet the requirements for an ergonomic and safe accommodation. For example, it is possible to build upwards; the modules can manage montage up to two floors.

  • Technical Data

area24,88 m²
area inside21,82 m²
length8520 mm
width2920 mm
width with outer wall block
height3320/3130 mm
interior ceiling height2700/2400 mm
weight4000-5500 kg