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Learning environments

Changing conditions often require fast, flexible solutions. When your school needs more classroom space or when you’re undergoing renovation or reallocation of your premises, our movable school modules are a perfect solution.

A textbook example of flexibility

We know that as a school, you have many diverse needs for your premises. So we designed modules that you can easily adapt to suit your changing needs. Whether you need extra room for general education, gymnastics or music, a recreation centre, staff room or group area. These modules are, of course, wheelchair-accessible with a WC for the disabled and ramps in the entrance hall.

Quality educational space

Especially when a school is in transition, a good working environment is critical for students and staff. That’s why we designed classrooms that are modern and bright with good soundproofing. Our customers often say these modules are better than their permanent building! We also offer lots of possibilities for adapting to the changing needs of your operations, such as:

  • Smaller rooms for group work or homework
  • Centrally located staff rooms for accessibility and privacy
  • Well-structured entrances with space for outerwear and shoes

As every school has its own special conditions, we’ve made sure to provide you with a wide selection of options, so you get the best solution to fit your needs.

High Class Modulen

With our flexible high class modules you can easily create an environment with the best conditions for your operations. For example, it is possible to build upwards; the modules can manage montage up to two floors.

With an internal ceiling height of 270 cm, our premises have an airy and pleasant atmosphere. Ventilation with heat recovery is included as standard and can be supplemented with comfort cooling as an option. They are also prepared for district heating. Installation of telecommunications, data and alarms will be coordinated by our knowledgeable staff.

  • Technical Data

area28,6 m²
area inside26,6 m²
length9600 mm
width2980 mm
width with outer wall block3250 mm
height3400 mm
interior ceiling height2700 mm
weight3500-7000 kg